The Effect of Dirt and Grass on Your Car’s Paintwork

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The Effect of Dirt and Grass on Your Car’s Paintwork
In order to maintain your car’s paintwork, it is imperative to ensure that you keep it clean and polished. Dirt and grass are some of the culprits that can damage your vehicle’s bodywork and compromise its integrity. It is important to understand how dirt and grass can damage the paint in order to take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Dirt and Your Vehicle
During the cooler months mud is often present on the road. Your car is subjected dirt and mud deposits as you drive. The mud and dirt on these roads are often full of grit which is very harsh on your car’s bodywork. Additionally, during the winter months, the roads are treated with salt and this only serves to speed up the rusting process in case your car’s bodywork has been left exposed. To prevent this you need to know how to clean your vehicle properly.

Wiping down the mud will scratch the car’s paintwork. Avoid using sponges and clothes to clean off the mud and grit. Avoid using commercial cleaners and compounds at this point they can do more damage to the paintwork. Start by washing down the dirt by preferably using a hose or pressure washer. Clean by pointing the hose downwards so that the dirt is washed to the ground.

Grass Stains
The grass is hardly as problematic as dirt. However, it can still cause green stains that can be quite conspicuous in lighter colored cars. When left under direct sunlight the stains can become more stubborn and difficult to remove.
To remove the stains you can start by cleaning using a pressure washer. You may then use a compound or other commercial cleaner to wash your car. Use a dry cloth to remove excess moisture from the surface and check the area that was stained. Keep your car away from direct sunlight.