1) Do you really come to my house?
-YES! After we talk on the phone and I give you a quote then we will arrange a time for me to come out to your house assuming that you like my price and want me to do the work.

2) How long before I can wash my car?
-After I finish the work, it’s 5 days before you can safely take it through the car wash.

3) How long before I can drive my car?
-You can start driving your car right after I’m done!

4) What happens if it rains?
-Luckily, we live in Phoenix so we don’t have to worry about rain. BUT as long as it’s 20 minutes after I finish painting the car you don’t have anything to worry about.

5) How much do you charge?
-My prices are usually lower than your deductible. Call today and I will give you a quote right on the phone.

6) How do you match the color of my car?
-I use a computer to exactly match the color.

7) Are you more expensive than a normal body shop?
-NO! Not even close! Typically I am about 1/3 the price of your standard body shop. People are always blown away be how inexpensive it is to work with the Auto Artist!