Auto Artist- Bumper Repair

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Auto Artist- Bumper Repair
As of the 2016 Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts report, there are 126,845 reported total crashes, which is a staggering number. What is also even more confounding being that there is an increase in vehicular accidents. There is a more than 8% increase from 2015 which only has 116,774 total reported accidents.

The most common type of collision is through the rear end, which makes bumper repair services immensely valuable for any unfortunate driver or motor vehicle owner. With rear-end collisions being the biggest reasons for vehicular accidents, damage to a bumper is much more common than what people would think. It is common to get bumper damage when someone did a bad rear-end collision when parking. Not only is a damaged bumper risky for your safety, it is also not very pleasant to look at.

Bumping up the Quality of Service
AutoArtist is very aptly named because the cars that they repair become works of art like they were not damaged in the first place.
Pesky lumps or dents on your bumpers or even doors can be easily mended when you drive your damaged car by the shop.

Rear end collisions do not only make bumper damage but most often than not also have some scratches and some paint peeled off. AutoArtist can also take care of paint and scratch jobs. AutoArtist has mastered the art of making the car look good as new even if there are dents.

AutoArtist not only offers one of the best car repair services in Arizona; AutoArtist also cost usually at around 1/3 of the cost of car shops at the same or even better quality. The paint job, scratch and bumper repairs are also done quickly as well. AutoArtist can also travel to your garage and do the paint job and services on site.