Auto Artist, Your Bumper Repair Service

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Car accidents and wrecks are something that happens every day. Statistically, 5.25 million car accidents happen every year. You or someone you know have probably already been in a car accident at least once in throughout life. Finding an affordable place to get your car fixed efficiently and effectively can be hard. Most places will take weeks if not months to have your fixed whether it was a severe or a minimal fix. This is why, if needing a bumper repair, you should trust Auto Artist. A company that specializes in fixing ugly bumpers.


  • Paint Repair
  • Bumper Repair
  • Scratch Repair
  • Panel Blends
  • Headlight Restoration

They have over fifteen years’ experience do mobile paint and bumper repairs. They are trusted by several different places and people all over the Phoenix, Arizona area including car dealerships, sheriff, and police departments, and fleet accounts count on Auto Artist’s services.

You can text a picture to them to get a free quote and if you decide to use them, they will even come to your house to pick up your vehicle. They are typically one-third of the price of normal body shops and will blow people away at how inexpensive and fast their good quality work is. When working with paint, they use computer tools to match your paint correctly and perfectly, so you do not have to worry about it being “two-toned.” Auto Artist also used the best high-quality products for their services including:

  • Sherwin Williams
    • A high-quality paint company that has several different products such as paints, stains, finishes, and all painting supplies.

To contact, you can call, text, or email them off their website. You just need to leave your name, email, phone number, a brief message explaining what you are needing to be done, and some pictures of the damaged area.