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How can you Make Your Used Car Look New

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How can you Make Your Used Car Look New Buying a used car can cause the car owner to put out extra money when the exterior of the car is in bad shape. The car may have been in a car accident previously and there may be visible damage, such as dents, scratches, and paint damage. In order to make the car look decent, the car will need to be taken to a professional car artist who not only is affordable but knows exactly what they are doing. Even if the car isn’t in running order, the car artist should be able to come to your home and complete the work. Bumper Repair Bumper damage will make a...

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How Minor Repairs can Help You Sell Your Vehicle

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How Minor Repairs can Help You Sell Your Vehicle Selling your used vehicle can be a job in and of itself. Whether you are advertising through the newspaper or online advertisement, selling your car to a dealership, or selling it from your own driveway, you want to be sure you make all the necessary repairs to make your vehicle as appealing as possible. Auto Artist can help you do that. Auto Artist offers many repair services for minor repairs that can have your vehicle looking brand new and ready for the next owner. Take a look at how making some of these minor repairs can help your chances...

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Auto Artist, Your Bumper Repair Service

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Car accidents and wrecks are something that happens every day. Statistically, 5.25 million car accidents happen every year. You or someone you know have probably already been in a car accident at least once in throughout life. Finding an affordable place to get your car fixed efficiently and effectively can be hard. Most places will take weeks if not months to have your fixed whether it was a severe or a minimal fix. This is why, if needing a bumper repair, you should trust Auto Artist. A company that specializes in fixing ugly bumpers. Services Paint Repair Bumper Repair Scratch Repair...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Immediately Send Your Dented or Scratched Bumper for Repair

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If you had a fender bender which caused a slight dent and a few scratches on the bumper of your beloved car, you should not postpone sending your car for repair. While it is easy to initially dismiss what happened especially if you think that the damage is minor, know that you may regret your decision not to send your car for repair immediately. Here are the top reasons why:   Aesthetic  No matter how high-end and “fully-loaded” your car is, it wouldn’t matter much if you have a dented or scratched bumper. Whether you admit it or not, your car only looks valuable if it appears flawless....

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Nagging Dings? Check Out Their Services To Have Your Car Showroom New!

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Nagging Dings? Check Out Their Services To Have Your Car Showroom New! Chips, scratches and other imperfections have their place as nagging problems that face all drivers and car owners. Although they’re nearly unavoidable, Auto Artist Paint Repair is there to help you with its mobile bumper and paint repair. Based in the greater Phoenix area, Auto Artist Paint Repair has been operating for over 15 years. The company spreads its spectrum of services to take care of the mobile paint and bumper repair needs of the police and sheriff departments, car dealerships, and other fleets. If you’re a...

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